About Me

I am a problem solver.

I always used to say that Art College was actually Problem Solving Collage since the main skill you have coming away from there is how to solve, well… problems. You could say that statement is pretty redundant, but truthfully, that is what most people need. A problem solver. I tend to focus on the creative side of any particular conundrum (ei:“How will I get my future clients to see this thing I made?” or “How do I communicate my intentions to the general public?”). That is not to say that I can’t solve issues that are not creatively rooted, but I do tend to solve them in a creative way.

I am a keen observer and I am able to see most stumbling blocks before they can even become a twinkle in a projects eye. I excel at learning new skills, and my googling expertise is second to none. I love to make things with my hands. Jewellery. Hats.  Sculpture. Weddings. Signs. Sets. If it can be made with two hands I can either do it, or get my hands dirty learning about it.

I am a maker, creator, builder, crafter and artist.

My Name is Charlotte Furneaux, how can I help you today?